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        Shaan’xi Normal University (SNNU) was founded in 1944 and restructured in 1960. It is directly administered by the Ministry of Education of China as one ofthe top 100 universityin the ‘211 Project’ and a university under the national ‘985’ Innovation Platform Construction Plan.

        The College of Music, SNNU was formally established in July 2005 building upon the School of Artsthat was founded in 1988.It provides an environment that encourages students to be professional in music and dance education, in which both Chinese and world music traditions are emphasised and highly valued.The academic staff consistsof 8 professors, 24 associate professor, 24 lecturers and 5 teaching assistants (78 in total). Amongst them, 12 have received doctoral degrees, 4 PhD candidates, 42 have master degrees, 1 postgraduate and 18 bachelor degree holders.The college has 1 doctoral supervisor and 38 postgraduate supervisors providing support to about 1000 registered students, including 750-800 undergraduates and 150-200 postgraduates and 1-3 doctoral students.

        The college has one second-grade doctoral degree authorisation unit in art history, two first-grade master degree authorisation units in music & dance and art theory, plus two professional degree authorisation units in art (MFA) and education.The undergraduate programme covers music education, dance education, musicology, music performance and choreology.It consisted of six departments: music education, dance, composition and musicology, vocal music, instrumental music and piano. Research units include opera performance, Hantang music and dance, Shaan’xi folk music and dance, and Silk road music culture. Performing groups include Chinese orchestra, symphony orchestra, chamber music and youth dancing society.

         The college possesses145 pianostudios, 16 dance studios, 2 audio studies, 2 electronic keyboard classrooms, a MIDI studio, a rehearsal room, 1 recording studio,an exhibition room a lecture hall of 400 seats and a grant concert hall that holds over 900 guests.The library has a collection of 10 thousand academic publications and mediain Chinese and English.

         The collegeuses its expertise to support developments music & dance teacher education, performance and research in reginal music studies. To date it has successfully completed stage performances of six operas, published 233 research acritical and 34 books attracting over 1.9 million RMB research funding from 86 projects. Being in an advantageous position at SNNU,the collegestrives to achieve the goal of building itself to be the top music institute in western China, which is distinguished by its excellence in both teacher’s education and music research.

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